3 Simples steps to protect your belongings 1

3 Simples steps to protect your belongings

According to Hide Lock Take (HRT) every 30 seconds a car is broken into throughout the United States and Canada and only 11% of those crimes has be solved by the police.

1.2 billion dollars in personal property are taken from vehicles yearly and an additional 1.85 million auto thefts

As example according to NBC Bay Area In 2017 was nearly 30,000 car break-ins in San Francisco and the police department made arrests in just 1.7 percent of cases.

Statistics from Crime Mapping last month May 2019 In San Diego were 721 vehicle break in / theft that is apart from Motor Vehicle Theft.

To reduce auto theft and vehicle break -ins HLT has a campaign were they has reduced a 85% of auto crimes following this simples steps:

1: Hide your things
2: Lock your car
3: Take your keys

For more infomation about HTL:

NBC source

Crime Mapping

Juan Carlos Ibarra
Research & Development

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