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Crisis navigation warnings on Google Maps

Google Maps features visual information and warnings of upcoming natural disasters, so you can more reliably know where a disaster is and anticipate where it’s headed

A crisis notification card will automatically appear on Google Maps in the days before a hurricane hits, if you’re near the impacted area.
The card links to a hurricane forecast cone, which shows predictions on the trajectory along with information about what time it’s likely to hit certain areas, so you can use this information to plan how to react.

The cards for earthquakes, meanwhile, will display the shakemap, or the epicenter and magnitude with a color-coded visualization to show how intense the shaking was in certain areas.

And in India, where over 20 percent of global flood-related fatalities occur, you’ll now be able to see flood forecasts that show you where flooding is likely to occur in addition to the expected severity in different areas.

During a crisis, every minute matters. Here are three other ways you can use Google Maps to stay connected and quickly get the help and information you need:

Share your location: Letting loved ones know where you are is vital during fast-moving, chaotic situations.

See and report road closures: Turn on the traffic layer to see all known and suspected road closures in an area.

Share crisis information directly with the ones you care about.


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