WIndshield Sensors

Does my car have sensors in windshield?

Modern cars commonly have sensors in their windshield that help you on certains situation on the road.

Here Heritage Auto Glass will explain and guide we are located and what sensors are most commons.

A easy way to verify if your car have sensors is to look is there a panel mounted near rearview mirror or display information on your windshield or your car start automatically your wiper, defrost inside and many more actions.

Commonly technology feature in windshield

Does my car have sensors in windshield? 1

Rain Sensor:
Detect rain and automatically trigger your wipers or adjust their speed to conditions as necessary.

Acoustic Inter-Layer
Is an extra layer of lamanation to reduce noise in the cabin from outside and improve inside sound quality,
Some key features of acoustic interlayer glass:

• Air-pressure fluctuations against the windshield at highway speeds
• Air impinging on the edges of the vehicle’s body panels
• Other vehicles and environmental noise
• Road noise and vibration; this is also transmitted through the body structure.

For this sensors your windshield must have a stamp that says “A”, Sound or Acoustic.

Lane Departure Warning System Cameras
Warn you if you are drifting out of your lane using visual, vibration or audio warnings unless a turn signal is on.

HUD – Heads up display
Projected onto the bottom of your windshield can display Navigation, traffic data and more.

Heated Windshields
Embedded into the glass at the base near the wipers in cold weather heat windshield slowly to melt the ice and free the wipers to remove snow.

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