Pedestrian detection, how it works? 1

Pedestrian detection, how it works?

A potential safety benefits for pedestrian crash avoidance and mitigation is Pedestrian detection system that use advanced forward looking detection sensors, typically radar and/or cameras, to detect pedestrians movements in front of a forward-moving vehicle and alert the driver and some automacally apply the brakes

According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA between 2002-2013 estimates 4600 to 4800 Pedestrian Fatalities per year, 30000 possible injury, 25000 suspected minor injury, more 12000 suspected serious injury, more than 3000 injured severity unknown.

Do not drive Asleep, Fatigued or emotional depressed, angry, disturbed, under influence of alcohol, drugs or medication or Ill as Pedestrian Detection System do not replace an attentive driver and this can’t predict a person might do either a computer.


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