Five apps you should have on your mobile 1

Five apps you should have on your mobile

We have selected five apps you should have on your mobile when traveling with your vehicle that will help you on the road.

1.- FIXD: the app requires a FIXD Sensor after installing on your car you can start using the FIXD app it will help you with those Unclear Check Engine Lights to decipher simple way on your mobile.
The FIXD device works with any gas vehicle 1996 and newer and any diesel vehicle 2008 and more modern.

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2.- Find my car: Have you ever forgotten where you parked? this app will help you to locate your parking lot or unfamiliar street by showing your position and your car position on the map with GPS.

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3.- My Max Speed 2.0, Let yoy track your Kid’s driving and location and notify you via SMS if travels outside a preset. Logs your fastest speed, elapsed time and distance on a trial run. You can also map a route traveled.

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4,- Android Auto: is your smart driving companion that helps you stay focused, connected, and entertained with the Google Assistant. Has a simplified interface, large buttons, and powerful voice actions.

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5.- Offline Maps & Navigation: this app has over 200 countries optimized maps that combine offline and online to use less space on your mobile and let you avoid traffic gams, get speed limits,the speed camera on a regular map updated.

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