Automotive glass categories 1

Automotive glass categories

We are describing the difference between auto glass categories, Aftermarket, OEE and OEM

Lets start by what is Genuine or OE? this Glass was installed when your vehicle was manufactured and they carry company logo it doesn’t have necesary different quality than OEM.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Made by glass manufacturers for placement in vehicles as they produced can usually be identified by the auto manufacturer’s logo near the bug information.

OEE, Made by glass manufacturers who also produce OEM glass. Made to the same quality & manufacturing standards as OEM with one main difference: the logo. You will not see an auto manufacturer’s logo on a piece instead you might see a glass manufacturer logo (such as Pilkington) or no logo at all.

Aftermarket, Glass made by a company that does not manufacture OEM glass, Made to a wider quality & manufacturing standard than OEM These glass parts will also not feature a logo from the automotive manufacturer, and will usually be sold at a lower price and often are the consumers favorite looking for a simple windshield at a more budget friendly price

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