Coronavirus: 10 Tips for cleaning and disinfecting your car now

Coronavirus the global pandemic that is shuttering all public places and people are looking to clean and disinfect everything to avoid spread the virus. Patrick Horrigan from We Care Car Care Car Detailing share the following tips.

According the CDC, Coronavirus can live on a solid surface up to 4 days. Some medical experts through published reports have been suggesting that some viruses can live up to 9 days on a solid surface. This does not factor in the sun. Sunlight, or UV radiation can actually kill viruses in minutes under direct full sunlight exposure. Most newer vehicles have some form of UV protection in their glass, even on clear glass, there is still UV rays hitting the inside of your vehicle killing virus. Factor in the minimum of 14 days quarantine time, when you are cleared to leave your house there is no virus left alive in your car. While we strongly believe in having a nice clean germ free car all the time, Its important to have the car disinfected from an actual or suspected exposure is when that vehicle needs to be put in service right away such as in the case of a company-owned vehicle or a vehicle shared by multiple drivers.

By Patrick Horrigan

What should I use to clean or desinfect my car?

1.- Centers for disease control and prevention (CDC) has in they website has a complete list of household cleaners available can kill Coronavirus. Important not all products are not safe to use on all surfaces in your car.

2.- Cleaners to be effective you need to leave the product on the surface for three minutes or more to allow it to air dry.

3.- Leather seats and trim are coated in vinyl, clear coat or soft-touch buttons and many surfaces around the car has a rubber based material.
Anything containing alcohols can break down, weaken or destroy these surfaces. When using CDC certified products on your car you should test it in an inconspicuous spot first and make sure its a pH balanced cleaner.

4.- Important not to spray product directly on the surface. You could overspray onto surfaces that do not like cleaners like touchscreens, glass or electronics. You should spray into a towel first then wipe. It’s best to use quality microfiber towels or a lint free paper towel.

Cleaning and desinfecting

5.- Use Vacuum to start cleaning your car.

6.- When finished vacuuming, Clean and wipe all surfaces of your car not just the obvious things like door handles and steering wheel, you should really clean and wipe down every last inch of your interior.

7.- You will want to avoid anything containing silicone (Like traditional Armour-All). Silicone may make it look nice and shiny but that will be a dirt and dust magnet after. Silicone can also damage some surfaces after repeated use. You will want to use a natural finish “Interior Detailer” . A good Interior detailer will offer some UV protection and help with dirt and dust buildup.

8.- Do not use an ammonia based glass cleaner like you may use around your house. You want a alcohol based glass cleaner, and something that is safe to use on your touchscreens of your infotainment system and screens in your dash. Another item always overlooked is your key fob.

9.- Cleaning your car more often makes the job go quicker.

10.- Get a Professional base Interior detail Cleaning: as they attack the germs with a few different methods. The most safe and proven method is an ozone machine that converts oxygen molecules into ozone or O3.

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