DYI windshield repair perspective: to do or not to do? 1

DYI windshield repair perspective: to do or not to do?

By Jimmy HAG

“DYI repair Kits may not be the best solution after all”

At highway speeds, a tiny stone can do enough damage to a windshield, good enough to create a small chip. They start to grow into a spider web like appearance in your automobiles’ windshield surface and in a matter of time, they will do serious damage. We have experienced this at one time, and it has probably left us with plenty of questions like “How did it happen?” “Can I do something about it?” “What if I patch this up myself? Alternatively”, “Should I call someone to fix it? Yes”, these are the kind of questions we frequently ask ourselves afterwards.

Let’s say you decided to call someone up, and they suggest you to get a windshield repair kit, so you can get that done by yourself becoming “hero of the day” by saving time and money thereafter. Secondly, you surf the web and put yourself into a gold rush like mood digging into a non-stop video tutorial plus comment reading “a la carte” and a lot more of “how-to’s”. At the end, you get yourself pumped up with enthusiasm and optimism, empowered by a “I can do it spirit “Yeah, we love the enthusiasm”. A couple of hours later, just right after finishing, you noticed that the little break that once appeared to be like a little chip now became a north pole-like shining star crack of such size it can be compared as to a 25 cents coin. Moreover, yes, we know how that feels like too… Sigh.

DIY Kits can only repair a little percentage of breaks as long as they come with proper instructions. Most break types cannot be repaired effectively with these kits and in most cases, we cannot tell if all the miniscule cracks are filled with resin (regardless of resin qualities). Many breaks may also require thorough procedures like drilling or flexing, where only professionals will have the expertise to perform subsequently. In perspective: “To do or Not to do?” We are not saying not to try it out yourself and purchase off the shelves repair kits, but if you do, we suggest you to consider your driving safety beforehand.

In conclusion, if you want to ensure the best experience during your windshield repair, it is very important to contact Heritage Auto Glass for your repairs and/or installation. Our experts will have the knowledge and tools that are needed to restore your windshield to perfection. Do not hesitate to inquire about it, with our prompt assistance you will be able to get your car back on the road in no time and enjoy your driving with your loved ones.

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