Heritage tips for a mint condition windshield 1

Heritage tips for a mint condition windshield

Automobile windshields play a crucial role when it comes to safety. They account for at least 30% of the vehicle’s structural integrity in a front-end collision accident. In addition, when it is damaged it reduces driving visibility, which jeopardizes the driver’s control behind the wheel. In order to prevent like situations, here are some Heritage Tips to consider:


  • Tip #1 Watch where you park

    Hot weather and sun exposure puts a lot of stress on a car’s windshield, making it prone to damage. Have you ever touched an exposed glass under the sun? It gets very hot. What happens is that your car’s components (glass and metal) heat up and after some time cause stress in the middle of the windshield, which creates “stress cracks” These particular cracks will suddenly appear off the edge of your car’s windshield.

  • Tip#2 Use top quality-cleaning products

    When sun is up, we believe washing the car is a good idea, but it sometimes may lead to windshield damage if not using proper products and/or low quality window cleaners. When cleaning your windshield, make sure to use top quality car window cleaners. Some of these products come with special formulas for dirt removal with ease.

  • Tip #3 Keep windshield wipers cleaned up

    How many times a week we clean our windshield wipers? Dirty and squeaky wipers will lead to small scratches that eventually develop serious cracks. Even though windshield wipers are a small part of your car, they have a big impact on your driving and overall safety. There are a few of specialized products for wiper cleaning, and they’re usually very friendly to use. If wipers are not cleaned regularly, you may need to replace them more often. Remember, visibility is an essential component of safe driving.

  • Tip #4 Remove stickers properly

    If your windshield has stickers, and you plan to remove them, make sure to remove them properly. You do not want to be a dirt and little insect collector due to glue residue left off your windshield surface.

  • Tip #5 check windshield water fluid.

    Sometimes we don’t think that our windshield washer may play an important role, but it actually does because it helps your windshield cleaned from rain, dust or any other material spilled off your windshield surface. That is why it is important for you to keep your windshield washer fluid reservoir full, so your windshield washer pump stays away from breaking and makes your driving safer.


    Extra tip: Take care of your car.

    Don’t slam your car doors when getting in or out of it. These non-orthodox maneuvers sometimes lead to unnecessary vibration that may end with small cracks or chips right off the edge of your windshield. Taking good care of your car will help you prevent future issues.






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