The top 10 most popular web-searched cars in the US 1

The top 10 most popular web-searched cars in the US

Who gets the lead in the most searched cars?

The USA is the world-leading car manufacturer, producing over 8 million vehicles a year creating, thus, a nation of car lovers. A recent study on the most popular vehicle searches, conducted by Chrysler Capital, showed the top 10 most searched vehicles based on their volume database, analyzing over 80 models and popular types of vehicles.


At the top of the list, sit America’s favorite car types:

Trucks 19,800 monthly web searches

SUVs 11,520 monthly web searches

Minivans 2,610 monthly web searches


On the other hand, according to the data results, the most searched car in the United States is the Jeep® Wrangler with over 160,000 average searches a month. The Wrangler backs its brand promise of “providing vehicles that support a lifestyle of boundless freedom, responsible adventure, reliable, safe, and environmental-friendly” and lives up to that goal, making its customers love that. That’s the reason why Jeep dominates the list with over 224,100 monthly searches, closely followed by Toyota who also stands out with 3 car models on the list.


Rank               Car                                     Monthly searches (avg.)

1            Jeep Wrangler                                           166,950

2            Toyota Tacoma                                         107,680

3            Toyota 4Runner                                         69,820

4            Honda Civic                                                61,220

5            Ford F150                                                    60,830

6            Jeep Grand Cherokee                                 57,150

7            Ford Ranger                                                55,700

8            Dodge Charger                                            54,650

9           Honda CR-V                                                 47,770

10         Toyota Tundra                                              45,670



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